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Do you own an RV? Do you have a pad at your home with full or limited hook-ups? Are you a Commercial RV Location and can use more business? Are you an avid RV fan and looking for a great community?

If you answer YES to any OF those questions... urbanRVpark.com is the Community for you!

Extra Income... Extra Space...

Turn part of a backyard or sideyard into a little RV space. As long as you have easy access you don’t even need full hook-ups to get started. Most RVers would be happy with an extension cord and a garden hose if it gets them closer in to their destination. Refine your space over time with some of the extra income you generate. RV Owners currently spend between $15 - $75 per night, depending on location and amenities.

Location... Convenience...

Maybe you live near an amusement park or major attraction. How about a Nascar track or speedway... Sports stadium or arena. Ocean beaches and lake property are prime spots. How about near Rodeos or County Fairgrounds  Maybe you have or need a BIG CITY location which means folks don’t have to head 15 miles out of town to the closest RV park... why not offer your location to others... OR use this site to hook up with those that have it!

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MAP PINS: Personal: This Profile Type is for individuals who have a private location or just RV enthusiasts.    Commercial: This profile type is for Commercial RV Locations    RV Vendor or Business: This profile type is for businesses that cater to and/or support the RV community.    State or Local Parks: This Profile is if State or Local Parks.

It's as easy as 1... 2... and 3!

Step 1 Register with our Site... it's FREE! You can signup... create a profile with pictures, videos and info about you and your RV PAD

Step 2 Find a Pad - Search for RV pads nationwide that are available for swap or rent!

Step 3 Make a Connection - Add new friends.. trade info with other RV'ers... plan trips and save money by swapping RV pads. Check out our RV Community!


Don't forget to visit our RV Forum where our members get together to talk about the RV world, offer tips, info and more!

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